Miranda Kerr (MirandaKerr)

This is the official Miranda Kerr twitter account. Enjoy xxx

???? https://t.co/5rei4CTUm2

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Miranda Kerr (MirandaKerr)

どうもありがとう Dōmo arigatō Tokyo ???????? https://t.co/G5WRXmivZN

Miranda Kerr (MirandaKerr)

Pure magic ✨ #teamlab #teamlabborderless @teamlab_borderless @teamlab_news https://t.co/Kt4G3DjEzc

Miranda Kerr (MirandaKerr)

Thank you @teamlab_borderless for this breathtaking experience ✨????????✨ #teamlab #teamlabborderless @teamlab_news https://t.co/V2c3RcI7OP

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