Elizabeth Banks (ElizabethBanks)

Amateur Goofball; proud native, Pittsfield, MA; 'Hunger Games' this, 'Pitch Perfect 2' that, with a sprinkle of 'Lego'.

#sotired https://t.co/Tsfs2StIWF

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Elizabeth Banks (ElizabethBanks)

Welcome to #CocaineBear @kristoferhivju ???????????? https://t.co/zCQ7C0900s

Elizabeth Banks (ElizabethBanks)

Welcome @MargoMartindale #CocaineBear https://t.co/AUu06J60DK

Elizabeth Banks (ElizabethBanks)

Welcome to #CocaineBear @brooklynnprince ???????? https://t.co/6XEDX5P41H

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