Olivia Munn (oliviamunn)

Olivia Munn: vigilante super hero, novelty pen collector and your mom.


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Olivia Munn (oliviamunn)

❤️ @UN @GirlUp #GirlHero #dreambigprincess https://t.co/RA8hOPsZzj

Olivia Munn (oliviamunn)

Okay... who’s gonna break it to Kanye? https://t.co/TffKWNd4uT

Olivia Munn (oliviamunn)

Reminder to register to vote! The last day to register in each state is listed below. ❤️ #NovemberIsComing https://t.co/4Vi0a7o5NY

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Sorry For Party Rocking..... Ya B*tch!!